Star Lords News

Star Lords Version 1.12 Released

Fixed a few major bugs and added in a few feature for beta testing.  The Major bugs were game crashes when trying to process a turn.  Fix the cloaking bug, where a certain ship design could never be detected.  Add the Planet Build Minister and the Trade Minister.  These two features are new and is consider a beta feature.  Please save your turn before activating the command.  While I have not ran into bugs with it yet, I still haven't had the time to test it extensively. To have the Ministers build or set trade routes, just left click on them.  You have to do each turn, but once you do, they will plan all your planet build queue (for planet minister) and all your trade ships (trade minister).  You can still modify the queues and trade after selecting the minister to build/trade.  If you activate the planet minister again, it will reset your planet build queue to what it wants to build, the trade minister however will not reset your changes.

Posted by: Aragorn 11/22/2002 2:50 AM MST


Star Lords Version 1.10 Released

Fixed another ship building bug that would not let you build anymore ships.  This bugged occur when a player max out their ships and have more ships inline to built.  Also big battles also had a few case where ships were not being deleted properly cause to have ghost ship to hang around.  Hopefully this is the last of the ships bugs.

Posted by: Aragorn 07/25/2002 11:50 AM MST


Star Lords Version 1.09 Released

Fixed a registration bug that crept in version 1.08.  It was not registering the application correctly.  Registered Users will now have all the feature unlocked again.  We appologies for any trouble it may have caused.  The latest version is on our site.

Posted by: Aragorn 07/22/2002 9:50 AM MST


Star Lords Version 1.08 Released

We finally fixed a nasty bug in the game.  The bug would stop letting you build ships after a certain point in the game.  This version now have this fixed in place.  You can download it now from our web page.  We appologies for taking so long to track it down and fix it, but we ran into a time crunch.  We are also please to say that the work on build 1.2 is moving along and we think we will have it ready in about 1 month time.  At that point we will be making beta version available for people to test out the new feature before doing a full release.  Also, if you have been using the Autohost, you'll need to get the new one from our download page.

Posted by: Aragorn 07/14/2002 1:50 AM MST


Star Lords Version 1.07 Released

We had to release another update.  Our previous fixed handle the speed issue, but there was a still a functional issue we didn'tquite fix.  We are pleased to announce that Star Lords version 1.07 has been released to the public.  We normally take a lot moretime debug and test our release, but due to the serious nature of the bugs, we rushed out fixes.  There was no new buged introduce from 1.05 to 1.06, but we just did not fix all the bug.  Again we appologies for any inconviences.

Posted by: Aragorn 02/28/2002 12:50 PM MST



Star Lords Version 1.06 Released

We are pleased to announce that Star Lords version 1.06 has been released to the public.  Our 1.05 version fixed many gameplay bugs, but as we were fixing bugs, our core engine was being upgraded and in the process introduce a bug into Star Lords.  This was an interface only bug, but made the game unplayable for those wanting to custom design their ships.  The bug made it impossible to design your ships and made the interface super slow.  We like to thank Ron B. for his timely bug report to allow us to catch the bug quickly.  When we were testing we didn't custom build any ship.  We appologies for any inconvience this may have cause our users and hope new user can be forgiving of our mistake.

Posted by: Aragorn 02/26/2002 9:50 PM MST


Star Lords AutoHost Version 1.0B Released

We are pleased to announce that we have released our Star Lords multi-player game hosting program.  The AutoHost program will allow anyone who has an extra POP3 account and access to an SMTP server to host multi-player games of Star lords.  The program automatically check email for turn files and automatically process and send turns to all the players in the given games.  There is no limit on how many game you can host. The AutoHost is a completely free program and can be used with the shareware version of the game.  The program however does require you to have pkzipc.exe, a command line version of pkzip.  Lucky, that program is shareware and can be downloaded here.  The AutoHost is a fairly complex program and requires someone who knows how to set up a new email account (POP3 and SMTP.)  While it is not difficult, we will not be support the product on a how to setup type of question, but we will be supporting it in term of bugs you encountered.  This is a great program for those who wanted to host your own multi-player game, but didn't have the time ti check email and manually processed them. Here is a brief listing of feature of the AutoHost.  It can be downloaded from our download link or here.

Posted by: Aragorn 02/25/2002 10:00 PM MST


Star Lords Version 1.05 Released

We are pleased to announce that Star Lords version 1.05 has been released to the public.  As always, You can download the shareware version of Star Lords from our download page.  This version has a few major bug fixes as well as many minor fixes.  We hope we have finally gotten rid of all the major bugs, but if one do pop up, please let us know so that we can fix them for you.

Posted by: Aragorn 02/25/2002 9:00 PM MST


Star Lords Version 1.0 Released

We are pleased to announce that Star Lords has been released to the public and may be ordered by phone, mail, fax, or online.  As always, You can download the shareware version of Star Lords from our download page.

Posted by: Elvandar 11/13/2001 3:00 PM MST


Star Lords Beta Completed

We have finished the beta testing phased and are preparing for public release.  You can download the release version of Star Lords from our download page, but you can not register the program until our online store is complete.  Go ahead and play with the release version and see why it is a must have space strategy game.  We will keep you up to date when our online store is open for business.

Posted by: Hikaru 10/23/2001 4:44 PM PST


Star Lords Imperial Order Beta

Experience Star Lords first hand, by becoming one of the lucky few to beta this great new Strategy Space Conquest Game.  The Open Beta Registration will be on Friday, October 12, 2001 7:00 PM PST.  We will be selecting 20 Beta Testers from the public.  You can register by making an account with us on our forum and posting in the Beta Sign up Boards.  If you are selected as a beta tester, you will be notified and given instructions.  We will be closing our Beta Registration on Monday, October 15, 2001 7:00 PM PST.

Posted by: Hikaru 10/12/2001 4:00 PM PST