Star Lords Information

Some are content to tame a nation, some are content to tame a continent, some are content to tame a world, but you are not one of them.  You will only be content when you have tamed the universe.  You are the emperor of a new age, a new order, the Imperial Order.  Do you have what it takes to rule the universe?  Many have tried and failed.  Enter the realm of Star Lords Imperial Order.

Star Lords Imperial Order is a sci-fi turn based empire building strategy game.  While Star Lords is an excellent single player game, it was designed for multi-player play via e-mail or any file transfer protocols.  Unlike most strategy games that support multiple players, Star Lords does not require the players to be directly connected to each other.  This freedom allows many players who have never experienced multi-player games, due to not having a LAN or a good connection to the Internet, to enjoy the game to the fullest extent.  No one will be left out in Star Lords, anyone can try to tame the universe.

Star Lords Imperial Features

 Up to 32 players in multi-player games.
 4 unique races to choose from.
 Multiple universe resource levels.
 Variable universe size.
 Over 200 pre-built Starships styles
 27 Unique Starship hull types.
 Custom Starship Design.
 Custom Battle Simulator
 Massive multiple ship, multiple player battles.
 Four planet war strategies (Blockade, Scorch Earth, Invasion, and Destruction).
 Set guard and patrol points.
 Multiple Diplomacy Agreements (Trade, Alliance, Neutral, and War).
 In game e-mail system.
 28 Technologies area to be researched
 Civilian Transports (No need to build transport for cargo/colonist shipment.)
 Multiple resources to manage.
 Covert Operations (Attack your friends without them know who did it.)
 Outposts and Remote Mining Planets.

Game Play

You are the Head of State of the empire, and your goal is to conquer and unify the galaxy under your control.  Using space and ground combat and diplomatic relations, you will have to use all your wit and skill to forge alliances and defeat your enemies until the galaxy is under your control.

Star Lords is a turn based strategy game, but unlike many other turn based games, the turns in Star Lords are simultaneous.  Each player plans their strategy and gives commands to their units while all the other players do the same.  Once everyone has submitted a turn, the simulation will process the commands to determine the outcome.

Resource Management

The gameís first challenge is Resource Management.  The empire can only grow as fast as its supply line and resources.  Failure to properly manage your resources will result in utter defeat.

The first resource is population, and it is the basis for all other resources.  Without people, you can't colonize planets, build buildings, mine alloys or crystals, and really you won't be able to do anything.  Population also determines how large your military can grow.  If you military grows too large and too many of your people are forced into the military, your people will grow upset.  Also, the size of your population on a planet controls how much money you will receive from them.  But be careful not to tax them too much or else the will become upset and refuse to pay.  Several factors affect your population growth rate:  the planet's temperature, the planet's atmosphere, and the population status level.  Each population is adapted to its home world, and will grow best in temperature and atmospheric conditions similar to the home world, and when they are happy.  Happiness, in turn, is controlled by the tax rate, the size of the planet's military force, the amount of food, how often the planet has been attacked, and the number of entertainment facilities.

The next resource is food.  Food affects how many people you can support.  You need a surplus of food to keep your population happy.  Each time there is a surplus, some will be put into storage for the future.  If you have just enough food, your population will be put on rations to make sure everyone has enough, but this will make your population angry.  If your food supply falls below the required level, people will begin to starve, your population size will dwindle, and your people will become angry.  Be sure your population has enough food.  The farming conditions on a planet determine how much food each farm produces.  In some cases you may even need to ship food to colonies to keep your people alive.

Another resource is Alloys.  Alloys are used to produce factories, starships, bases, and other installations.  Minerals are mined from the planet, refined, processed, and formed into various Alloys which are needed for the production of star ships, defenses, and structures.  Alloys are the backbone of the empire and are essential to strengthening your military power.

The next resource is money.  Money is used to pay your people to work for you.  While everything that is built requires alloys to form the structural parts, you need people to build it and put it together, and people won't work for free.  Not only do you have to pay for the construction of physical objects such as buildings and ships, you also have to pay for research.  Scientists require payment, grants, and other financial rewards for conducting research.  The primary source of money is from taxation of your population, although money can also be gained through diplomacy and trading.  Since money can be transferred electronically and through other means, there is no specific location for it, and money generated at one planet can be used anywhere in your empire that it is needed.

The last resource is Energy Crystals.  Energy Crystals are special crystals that can generate lots of power.  The games start with every race capable of using these crystals.  The crystals are used to power everything in your empire.  They run the starships as well as the power generators that provide power to all other buildings.  Energy crystals are very rare and have to be mined, so any planet that has crystals are usually colonized and heavily defended.

Strategic Planning

During the course of the game, you will encounter other empires.  Planning your universal strategy will then be a key factor in winning the game.  You will need to decide whether to take an aggressive posture or go on the defensive and lure your enemy into a false sense of dominance.  Tools to help you plan your strategy range from commands like patrol and guard, helping you control where your enemy can go.  You can decide to capture a planet, scorch it, or even destroy it.  You can raid another empire for supplies by capturing their freighters.  The possibilities are almost endless.

Besides management of the government, you also command the military power.  The military is composed of starships, marines, and defense bases.  Your military does the planet surveys, scouting and handles all alloy transportation in hostile or unsecured areas of space.  Your starships are used to take out other starships and your marines are used to invade enemy planets and ships.

You build your military fleets at Star Bases.  You can build any of the standard ship designs, or, at a small additional cost, you can design your own custom ship to use your favorite technologies or run covert operations.

By investing into your science community, you can upgrade your technology.  There are many technologies that can be upgraded, and as your technology gets better, you will be able to do more and grow stronger.

Diplomatic Relations

Once you have established contact with another race, you can choose how you will treat the new race.  You can establish friendly contact and form an alliance so you will have additional strength in fighting your enemies.  You can declare war and you can be sue for peace by offering tribute.  At anytime during the game, any empire can offer tribute to another.

You can attack other nations (even your allies!) by performing covert operations.  In order to do this, you must build a custom unmarked ship, and can even choose to build a ship in a different looking style.  If your covert operation is victorious in battle, the target does not know who did it, however if you lose the battle, they have a chance to discover who was behind the attack.