Star Lords Manual - Introduction

Star Lords Table of Content

The solution to the scientific puzzle that is supra-light travel was discovered by your race only a short time ago.  Only recently were the techniques for releasing the enormous amount of power contained in the unique energy crystals found on your world discovered.  These enormous energies will allow massive starships to push themselves across the vast distances to other worlds in mere months rather than the centuries conventional technology would allow.  For the first time your race has the opportunity to explore the galaxy.  The chance to expand from its cradle to other worlds.

Not all of those worlds are empty.  

The first radio transmissions from other races were received long ago.  The existence of other species was a mere curiosity, with no bearing on the affairs of your own people.  As long as you were separated by vast distances there was no threat from them - no possibility of conflict.  Even a simple dialogue was nearly impossible, as it would take decades for each question to be sent, and more decades for the reply to be received.  Now that your race's scientists have discovered the means of crossing these distances there is no doubt that the other races, too, will soon discover them.  

The galaxy has suddenly become a much smaller place.

Swift, decisive action is called for.  The time has come for your race to chose a single leader to guide them in the coming struggle for survival.  You will be that person.  Perhaps you will rely on quick exploration to reach the richest worlds before your opponents, and good management to develop them into impenetrable fortresses that can withstand any attack.  Perhaps you will build mighty battle fleets and take what you want from those who hold it with your superior tactical skills.  Perhaps you will form great alliances with those you can trust for the moment to remove those who are simply in your way, relying on diplomacy to make your race strong.  Perhaps the way of science is the answer - if you spend your precious credits on research you could develop shields to make your ships invulnerable, or weapons capable of destroying any foe.  Or perhaps your race will do all of these.  The choice, as the supreme leader of your race, is yours.

Star Lords is a turn-based, multiplayer strategy game.  Each player takes on the burden of leadership of an entire world and its people, with the goal of extending that rule throughout the galaxy.  Up to 32 players can play, either through either e-mail or on the same computer through hot seat play.  Or you can choose to take on the computer alone.  There are four races to chose from, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.  Success comes through a careful balancing act of managing your race's domestic affairs and winning military victories against your opponents.  You cannot succeed in one area without some success in the other.